Alarm sounding 103 Ashberry Dr

On 12-28-15 at 2101 hours, the Bardstown Fire Department was dispatched to a reported alarm sounding at 103 Ashberry Dr. Upon arrival, Squirt 33’s crew could here an audible alarm sounding from an upstairs apartment. The crew gained entry into the apartment and found a detector sounding due to batteries that needed replacing. Due to the apartment being vacant, crews removed the battery. Bardstown Fire was on scene for approximately 36 minutes.

Electrical Outlet Smoking

On 12/18/2015 at 2337 hours, the Bardstown Fire Department was dispatched to a report of smoke coming from an electrical outlet in the 200 block of Aspen Street.  Upon arrival crews did not witness any smoke coming from the outlet but did find evidence of an issue with the outlet.  Crews isolated the outlet from the rest of the electric circuit and were on scene for about an hour.