Structure Fire at the Wickland Compound

On 07/21/2017 at 0035 hours, the Bardstown Fire Department was dispatched to a report of a structure fire behind the Wickland Home.  When fire crews arrived, the found heavy fire venting out the front window and through the roof.  Crews used multiple hand lines to bring the fire under control.  Due to the balloon frame and heavy timber construction it took fire crews several hours to get the fire under control.  An investigation was conducted and there were two different points of origin which caused the investigator to suspect arson.  An arson detection K-9 was brought in from Scott County.  The K-9 detected accelerants at numerous spots in the kitchen and deck area.  Evidence was collected and taken to the KSP lab for analysis.  Bardstown Police conducted the criminal investigation and an arrest was made on 07/22/2017.  Fire crews were on scene for  about ten and half hours.

Structure Fire 200 Block of Aspen St

On 07/19/2017 at 1327 hours, the Bardstown Fire Department was dispatched for a report of a smoke detector sounding in one of the apartments in the 200 block of Aspen Street.  First arriving company could see melting of the blinds and the neighbor advised that a child may still be inside.  Crews forced entry and conducted a search and found no one.  Crews then attacked the fire.  It was later found out that the child was riding bikes with friends.  Apparent cause of the fire was from a candle left burning in the bedroom.  Crews were on scene for about an hour and twenty minutes.

Structure Fire 100 Block of Purcell Ave

On 07/17/2017 at 1041 hours, the Bardstown Fire Department was dispatched for a report of smoke in the kitchen in the 100 block of Purcell Ave.  First arriving companies reported heavy smoke showing with fire venting out the front window.  Crews used an 1 3/4″ hand line to extinguish the fire and conducted extensive overhaul.  Five cats perished in the fire.  The Fire Marshal investigated the fire and it appeared that the fire started int he laundry room and extended out into the kitchen.  The exact cause is undetermined.  Crews were on scene for about two and half hours.