Other Services

Industrial Fire Extinguisher Training

industial fire extinguisher training

OSHA mandates businesses to provide training for employees on how to use fire extinguishers.  The Bardstown Fire Department can provide classroom and hands on training for your employees.  Call 349-6562 or 203-3931 to set up an appointment.

Car Seat Installations

Lt. Nick Androlowicz inspects the child safety seats in a vehicle as part of the final exam for the Child Passenger Safety class that firefighters from all five stations and Fort Bragg Fire and Emergency Services participated in. photo by Dawn Elizabeth Bunce/Paraglide 071101, horizontal, van, sports utility vehicle, children, autombile accidents

The Bardstown Fire Department is a car seat check station.  Several of our firefighters and officers have attended specialized training to become Child Passenger Safety Technicians.  You can have your child seat inspected and receive help with correct installation.  This is a free service.  Help protect your precious cargo!  Please call Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm to set up an appointment 349-6562.

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Public Education

public education picture

The best way to fight fire is to prevent them.  If you are a school, day care facility, or church and would like to have us come out and talk to your students or parish members about fire prevention please call the station at 349-6562 to set up an appointment.

Smoke Detector Installation and Home Safety Inspections


The Bardstown Fire Department will come to your residence and install working smoke detectors free of charge.  We apply for grants each year to be able to buy smoke detectors to install in our community.  Early detection is key in limiting property loss and to getting everyone out of the home in case of a fire.  If you need working smoke detectors or would like a home safety inspection contact us at 349-6562 to make an appointment.  If you rent and you do not have working smoke detectors contact the Fire Marshal at 349-6562 or at 203-3931 as the landlord is required by law to ensure that you have working smoke detectors.

Coming Soon!  CPR Training for the Public